I’m sure you have noticed the 4 coloured and intertwined C’s of our logo. They belong together like the 4 P’s of traditional marketing.

These 4 C’s are the foundations of a new approach to marketing communication. A new way of inspiring customers with authentic human values. It’s an open invitation to a journey towards new marketing frontiers !

A journey always starts with a change ! Whatever the destination, you have to change place, habits, behaviours. These inner changes might be provoked by external events -economical, political or social- that irritate or even confuse you. But even so, you have to open up your mind deliberately, get out of your routine and reinvent life. In marketing terms, this means looking at business and customer relationships from a different perspective, to adapt to a moving reality.

This inner transformation naturally evolves towards an external metamorphosis. It is indeed vital to communicate, to test and validate a new vision. Communication is an infinite source of knowledge exchange and innovation, unveiling and revealing experiences and reflections. And the content and the context of the message are key. From a marketing point of view, it implies a shift from

[brand] monologues to open conversations with customers, based on genuine exchange of ideas and information. Interaction is then paramount.

Communication is the foundation of social life. Whatever the size or the type of a group, its strength relies on human relationships based on respect for individuality. To grow and develop, each member of a community needs to collaborate, to participate in the exchange of wealth, knowledge, talents and experiences. It is in the best interest of everyone to contribute, voluntarily and actively, to the development of the common good. Current technology has reinvented this sharing principle with the “open source” concept. Modern marketing also needs to embrace this evolution: in today’s connected world, everyone is a brand ambassador and the value of a company or a brand depends on the enthusiasm and implication of the whole community.

In a collaborative ecosystem, transparency and trust are essential values. They ensure that everyone can freely create, goods, services and products that generate a dynamic of continuous progress towards a new equilibrium and a better quality of life. In such an environment, marketing becomes a powerful vector, not only of profit and growth, but also and above all of harmony and sustainability for both businesses and society.

Once reinvented in this way, marketing will return to focussing on the human factor of any relationship, be it with customers, employees, partners and competitors. Along the journey, it will change the current mindset, promote free and dynamic communication and cooperation at all levels and foster the creation of fair and sound values.