B2B marketers know that storytelling is a key part of their marketing arsenal. Psychology has confirmed that stories make audiences drop their intellectual defences. Stories basically act as Trojan Horses, getting the audience to lower their Marketing Defense Systems*.

But unfortunately “story time” hasn’t been a regular feature on anyone’s calendar since kindergarten. No one in B2B is sitting comfortably and ready to begin. Instead, a B2B marketer knows his or her audience is terribly busy, doesn’t read online and is being bombarded by thousands of marketing messages already. Unfortunately for B2B marketers, we’ve turned into a Nation of Swamped Skimmers.

So B2B marketers need to tell their story fast. They need to cut through the noise and hook their audience’s attention. They need to be less Hans Christian Anderson and more Usain Bolt (if he told stories). In other words, fast, super fast. http://blog.lookbookhq.com

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