Effective storytelling for B2B marketers

B2B marketers know that storytelling is a key part of their marketing arsenal. Psychology has confirmed that stories make audiences drop their intellectual defences. Stories basically act as Trojan Horses, getting the audience to lower their Marketing Defense Systems*. But unfortunately "story time" hasn't been a regular feature on anyone's calendar since kindergarten. No one in B2B [...]

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3 Poisonous B2B Marketing Metaphors

The figurative language of metaphor is very powerful and often used in marketing communications. However, sometimes the image and the meaning diverge to the point of distorting our vision and understanding. Here are three metaphors often used in B2B marketing. They are so familiar that we take them for granted, without questioning their credibility any further [...]

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The effect of colour

  Colour is everywhere, it’s a constant. Colours are affecting our moods and behaviors.  And because of the symbols and meanings they are associated with, they inspire our actions. Colour affects us at a very deep level, deeper than any other sense or form. Colour is one of the fundamental elements of our existence, and [...]

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3 S’s for Successful Content Marketing

Today, content – in its multitude of formats – is the driver of audience interaction and engagement. A successful content marketing is based on a smart communications strategy built on three key ingredients: SEARCH: Know your audience, speak like your audience. Make your content accessible, easy to use and easy to view. SOCIAL: Build deeper relationships with [...]

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Content: Top Marketing Priority in 2012

  According to Altimeter, content is the new marketing equation. At the end of a 20 pages study, they make some recommandations on what companies should do to optimize their content marketing approach: Build content around the brand, product or service, not about it Drive organizational change and transformation Educate and train Design content that [...]

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Five levers for change

How Unilever inspires people While most people say they are concerned about sustainability issues and want to live sustainable lifestyles, there is a gap between good intentions and taking action. Unilever has a long history in sustainability and they use of marketing and market research to promote behaviour change. 2 billion consumers worldwide are using Unilever [...]

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The 4 C’s of Marketing

I'm sure you have noticed the 4 coloured and intertwined C's of our logo. They belong together like the 4 P's of traditional marketing. These 4 C's are the foundations of a new approach to marketing communication. A new way of inspiring customers with authentic human values. It's an open invitation to a journey towards new marketing [...]

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