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Effective storytelling for B2B marketers

24 juillet 2013|Categories: English posts, Storytelling|Tags: |

B2B marketers know that storytelling is a key part of their marketing arsenal. Psychology has confirmed that stories make audiences drop their intellectual defences. Stories basically act as Trojan Horses, getting [...]

3 Poisonous B2B Marketing Metaphors

7 décembre 2012|Categories: English posts|

The figurative language of metaphor is very powerful and often used in marketing communications. However, sometimes the image and the meaning diverge to the point of distorting our vision and [...]

The effect of colour

31 octobre 2012|Categories: English posts|

  Colour is everywhere, it’s a constant. Colours are affecting our moods and behaviors.  And because of the symbols and meanings they are associated with, they inspire our actions. Colour [...]

3 S’s for Successful Content Marketing

22 septembre 2012|Categories: English posts|

Today, content – in its multitude of formats – is the driver of audience interaction and engagement. A successful content marketing is based on a smart communications strategy built on three key [...]

Content: Top Marketing Priority in 2012

20 août 2012|Categories: English posts|

  According to Altimeter, content is the new marketing equation. At the end of a 20 pages study, they make some recommandations on what companies should do to optimize their [...]

Five levers for change

26 mars 2012|Categories: English posts|

How Unilever inspires people While most people say they are concerned about sustainability issues and want to live sustainable lifestyles, there is a gap between good intentions and taking action. [...]

The 4 C’s of Marketing

28 décembre 2011|Categories: English posts|

I'm sure you have noticed the 4 coloured and intertwined C's of our logo. They belong together like the 4 P's of traditional marketing. These 4 C's are the foundations of [...]

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